Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Our teachers will offer high-quality teaching using their subject expertise and skilful classroom management. Learning will be suitably matched to students’ needs. Students will be challenged through learning activities and questions that encourage them to analyse, apply, evaluate, and synthesise. Students will also have the opportunity to develop their learning through a mixture of class, group, pair, and individual learning experiences. Sustained independent learning will take place within and outside of lessons, enabling students to take control of their learning. Relevant E-learning will equip students with skills vital for life in the 21st Century. Appropriate homework will extend learning and appropriately challenge students of all abilities.

We believe in a knowledge-based curriculum.   Many of the resources which have proved highly effective in our partner school such as knowledge organisers and knowledge booklets will be made available to Higham Lane North Academy students.   Our curriculum will also develop habits of mind, ways of thinking about a subject, ways of studying that subject and ways of being a practitioner of a subject. We want students to develop a love for the subjects they study and have the opportunity to study them in depth.

Students' prior attainment at the end of Key Stage 2 and baseline testing will provide the basis of target-setting. All students will be challenged to achieve their end of Key Stage 4 'Expected Standard' target grade, reflecting the School's high expectations.

Students in all years will receive regular feedback to ensure they understand the next steps that they must take to progress further. Teachers will use formative and summative assessment to identify students’ strengths and areas for development.

Our Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinator (SENDCO) will work closely with teachers and support staff to ensure that the unique needs of each student are identified and met. Tailored support will be provided to students with SEND and those that are disadvantaged.