Pastoral Care

The school believes that the pastoral care of each student is of paramount importance. Every student will be valued as an individual. Their happiness, self-esteem and personal development are of the utmost importance.

The school will foster excellent student attitudes and behaviour in its students. Successful relationships between students and each member of staff they work with will form the basis of the school’s effective pastoral care. A student’s relationship with their Form Tutor will be key and that member of staff will get to know the student particularly well. The Form Tutor will be the first person a student will turn to for help and advice. Similarly, in most cases, the first point of contact for parents/carers will be the Form Tutor.

Form Tutors will monitor the overall wellbeing of the students in their forms, including their attendance and punctuality, behaviour and rewards. They will liaise with the Progress Leader who will take overall responsibility for their year group. Outstanding teachers will oversee the academic performance of students in each subject. Subject teachers will provide the information on academic performance which will appear on Student Progress Reports, and they will be available to speak to parents/carers at Student Progress Evenings.